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Headed West

Ana Juan- Gomez, left, and Alex M Sanchez pose inside Ana's home for the #WhereIlay series in Orlando. 


 After 2.5 months of constant travel and moving I was feeling pretty stagnant in Miami after a month. 

I decided after visiting the Minnear's (my sister) in Tampa I would keep going. So I caught a ride to Orlando from my sister and booked a couple Greyhounds. 

I have never actually experienced Orlando, briefly driving through it I have never had much of a desire to be honest. 

But after spending the day I could see its appeal and potential. Here are some images of my day exploring Lake Eola and the Milk District with Ana Gomez: 

Tintin, Ana's dog since as long as I can remember... 

Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. 

A double exposure of me and Lake Eola with a swan right at the center of the image. 

Ana Juan-Gomez talks to her mother at her desk in Orlando, Florida. 

A swan seen through a Starflex Brownie camera. 

Alex M Sanchez. Photo by Ana Gomez 


I headed home to Gainesville for a night. I met up with friends, talked about life decisions and projects to begin, got rip-roaring drunk and woke up to a hangover. 

Onto Louisiana. 

David Glickman, right, and Alex M Sanchez, pose inside the Dollhouse for the #WhereIlay series in Gainesville. 

Arriving into Gainesville via Megabus.

A selfportrait of the #WhereILay series. 

Baton Rouge

9:30pm to 10:30 am on a bus.  I arrived in the Bible Belt only costing me $56.50 and a nights sleep. I walk the 15 minutes from the Greyhound station to my friends job in downtown Baton Rouge. 

I pose for a self portrait under the interstate after arriving in Baton Rouge Louisiana. 

Maya Curtis, left, and Alex M Sanchez, right, pose inside Maya's job for the #WhereIlay series in Baton Rouge. 

Maya works with a program called the Walls Project. They bring local artists to create murals all throughout Baton Rouge. This is where their offices are located. 

Maya, met her while biking across the country, works in an office downtown Chase building. But she is far from pursuing a career in banking. She works for the Walls project which hooks up local Louisiana and international artists with murals all around the city to cultivate the culture and arts scene in Baton Rouge. 

We took a bike ride with some locals and explored the city by bike. 

In Louisiana its not uncommon to see Mardi Gras beads hanging off every fence, tree branch or just strewn on the floor. 

Maya's house. 

We followed a brass band in the streets with kerchiefs blowing in the air and beers on hand. Just a typical Louisiana friday night. 

In Louisiana its not uncommon to see people drinking in the streets. Its legal to have open containers of alcohol while walking. 

A quick composite image of three different scenes with one vanishing point. Created from two different bridges and on bus. 

New Orleans

I took a bus into NOLA and spent the day walking up and down Magazine St. I walked through the Arts for Arts Sake event and go to witness some of the best a brightest upcoming artists. I walked to streets with my ever full cup of wine, I ordered Gumbo. I had Beignets and Cafe au Lait with a real born and bred Louisianan.

I hopped into my Uber and headed to bus station once more. 

"Tryna skip out of town on us aintcha?" my Uber driver claimed. 

I thought for a second.. Maybe.. 

Maybe Im not done with the South just yet. 

"Have you even had Yuka Mein?" 

 I hadn't. I hadn't even visited the French Quarter. 

Then we reached the terminal. 

"You'll be back- They always come back," he said. 

I knew his words were true. 

Maya Curtis, Dylan and Sara pose inside Sara's home for the #WhereIlay series in New Orleans. 

A graveyard in New Orleans. 

A graveyard in New Orleans.