Editorial Photography

A movie about hair

A friend of mine is exploring the importance we have on our hair. 



"What is Dear Shears, A Hair Film?

This short will explore the complexities of thought, transformation, identity, love, lust and self-exploration against the simple backdrop of hair appointments. 

It will explore themes of millennial disorder (overstimulation, information overload, self-loathing, indecision, loneliness, unrealistic social norms, broadcasted lifestyle, attention disorders, bipolar disorders, inability to distinguish reality) blurred identity, confusion, narcissism, counter culture, sexuality, self-exploration, LGBT, feminism, transformation, love.

Why - The big why boils down to an answer as simple as the subject matter – an excuse to play. This short is an experiment in filmmaking and collaboration."


She asked me to take some portraits

of the beautiful people and all of the luscious locks

 she invited to the filming party.

I happily obliged. 

2015-01-26 04.36.02 3.jpg
2015-01-21 12.09.29 4.jpg