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I've been dancing this fine line of digital nomadic visual journalist (which means I travel and tell stories) for a while now and Im finally putting my abilities to the test. Here is the revamp of my blog and a start to my Facebook page: @Alex Mousan Visuals 

I am a lifelong avid adventurer and explorer. Whenever I'm somewhere for too long I itch to go somewhere new. When I was 16 I convinced a bunch of my friends to travel to Nicaragua with me to build a library. In my first summer of college I did as most American college students do and went to Europe for a study abroad then backpacked around for a bit. Then I spent a summer backpacking Nicaragua to visit Abuelita. One summer my sister and I biked across the U.S. with a bunch of strangers that we now call family. I'm currently couchsurfing through the Middle East learning as much Hebrew and Arabic as I can and eating all the hummus. I'll be backpacking through Central America this summer and then heading to Iceland in the fall. 

I have always been a little intimidated on starting a blog because I honestly thought no one would care.  All the images I have stored on my hard drives and stories scribbled in my journals were always for me to keep, for me to understand. I only started realizing recently that the people I am meeting and the photographs I am making are not for me anymore. They are for a larger network of people who don't have the voice or tools I have. The stories I am hearing are bigger than me and my backpack and I owe it to them to share. 

I hope my stories, images and films make change in the only way I know how- through storytelling and meeting people. I sincerely hope this blog finds its way into the right hands and leave you with a wider view of the world. 

What you can find from this blog and my content- I am not interested in the posed and pretty,  I am interested in the found moments that make up our world, the in between moments people over look. I'm interested in the raw, real and honest. 

I am learning as we all are every day and I hope you enjoy my content but furthermore I want you to take my work and begin your own exploration. I hope my work becomes a starting point to understanding the parts of the world that may seem far away to you and too far removed. I want to bring a better understanding to you my viewers on issues that may seem like they have nothing to do with you and your life. We all have a responsibility in this world to stay informed, to reach out and attempt to understand our fellow brother or sister.  

I will take you to the jungles of Central America, to the backroads of the U.S. by bike, to the walled off parts of the Middle East, to the tallest peaks of the Arctic Circle and to the couches of strangers all across the world.

I always say journalists are the ones who haven't decided on which profession to focus on so my interests will constantly evolve as I do.  If you're looking for a consistent vein in my work just know there may not be one. Only know this- the possibilities are endless in what I venture to explore. 

I will be posting stories and images from my travels in the form of blog posts over the next several weeks. I am working on video content, creating more layered stories and creative images as well so stay tuned. The first post will be live next week Monday March 28th, 2017. 

Coming to you live from the Middle East I give you the start to a lifelong adventure of exploration and understanding. 

-->Alex Mousan


P.S. Still working on doing an actual handstand.