How to pay off $18,000 of student loans

I am Alex and I am a Millennial.

Millennial's- the children of the Baby- Boomer generation.  We make up more than a quarter of the United States population according to the US Census Bureau. We like our cell phones too much and post to Instagram and Facebook daily. We still live with our parents (or in my case stash our stuff in our parents house and live out of a backpack) and can't afford to make big purchases like cars or houses.

Our parents told us we could be anything if we went to college. We use titles like Artistic Director at a Visual Storytelling Company that we made up on our Facebook pages to make us feel more important. We make our money through freelance gigs and shoot our more put together friends weddings and graduation photos. We tend to like to talk about our life experiences through blog formats and hope people other than our mom looks at it. 

 But I digress ... Yes my generation has heard it all. 

So like every other good 18-year-old first generation kid, I went to a great public school, got decent grades and went to a four year university. Being the last of four smart daughters, putting me through college was unfortunately not in the cards for my hardworking parents. So like every other 18-year-old kid from the states I tacked on the SLD (student loan debt). 

According to the US National Education Center for Statistics in 2013-2014, the average undergraduate spent $15,640 at public institutions, $40,614 at private nonprofit institutions and $23,135 at private for profit institutions. This includes a year of tuition, fees, food and shelter. 

In 2016 this leaves the average Millennial with a student loan debt of $33,050 by the time they graduate from a four year institution.

So in the most Millennial way possible: I made a video about how I paid off my loan debt. I had a goal of paying it off in under a year. It took me 9 months. 

I am Alex and I am a Millennial

This is the story of how having no life for 9 months paid off.