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Im seeing quite a few parallels in my life nowadays. 

For one I'm reading the biography of Hunter S Thompson. The man was crazy and I love it. He lived his craft. Journalist by day, great American novelist by night, drunken and drugged crazed misogynist always. 

For the paper I had to shoot graduation. Not one or two but a grand total of 6. In most of them Robert Frost was quoted or Maya Angelou (upon her recent passing) one even quoted Whinnie the Pooh and the Barenstein Bears. But in each there was the same underlying message: you can and will become great.

As I crouched next to the seats of ever so hopeful teenagers, watching them take their selfies and smile at their proud parents, I felt utterly jaded. Just wanting them to understand that the future isn't bright and rosy. It sucks. It means eating what you can find, it means shooting 6 graduations in a row, its about working on your off days, its about biting your tongue and taking it. 

Its about reminding yourself that this may or may not be temporary but loving the process. Because if you don't love the process and keep looking to that bright and rosy future you will forever be living in the future or the past rather than the here and now.  And whats the point of that? 

So after all of these graduations I actually made some art: 

Take a gander? 

Creekside High School 

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