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The one that got away...

We always seem to remember not our BEST shot but the one that got away. 

After being called up by a friend to check the lightning storm going on outside, I jumped out of bed and drove down to the beach to see the show. Camera in hand and tripod in the other I strolled down the boardwalk. I hesitated slightly, my mothers voice in my head warning me not to go out too far, but saw another strike and pushed on. I setup my shot and there it was, people in the foreground, an enormous strike in the background, clouds, water, everything was perfect.

Excited for my shot, knowing full-well it could be portfolio quality, I walked into the newsroom the next morning on air.

I opened it up on my computer only to find it to be out of focus and blurry.

So close... 

...yet so far. 

These others are decent and will work for print but if I had just set it to infinity- until next time.