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The evolution of family

So as many of you know I've been traveling nonstop since December 2016.

I have been working on a personal project documenting the dynamics of a families evolution for the greater part of my photographic career and I am finally ready to show you some of the work I have been producing!

From families in Jericho, Palestine to families in the suburbs of Tampa, Florida I have turned my camera on questioning what constitutes a family? How do family dynamics change and morph as we grow? How do they stay the same? How does religion and culture play into the way we rear the next generation?

I have amassed picture stories from families all over the world including my own growing family. Feel free to venture into quiet moments of familial life and ask any questions you might have.

What do you think family is? How has it played a role in your life?

How I started: 

I made some images of these little tykes while we spent our days exploring closets and running up and down hallways. I was transported back to a time where your house or "castle," as my 4-yr-old niece likes to refer to it was your world and everything in it was magical. 

Spending so much time with the babies I started to contemplate the importance family has on all of our lives. We spend our earliest years in the presence of our family (if we are lucky) and develop with the watchful eyes of our guardians.  

We grow up alongside our sisters, brothers, cousins, friends and learn basic social contact. Family is essentially one of the most important social developments we have. 

From it's birth, marriage, the union of two lives to become one. 

To it's life, having children and bringing them up. 

To it's breakdown, the leaving the nest syndrome where children have gone off to start their own families. 

As byproducts of my style of traveling where I meet various kinds of families and stay with them for some time I've amassed quite a body of work dedicated to the inner workings of families across cultures. I'm interested the various dynamics children are brought up in and how religion, socio economic class, and customs impact the way we rear the next generation. 

I am constantly inspired by my own family and have been documenting the lives of our two newest additions since birth. 




I grew up in a 3 bedroom home with my 3 sisters, mother and father. My sisters and I shared a bedroom until we were well into our teenage years. Growing up so close to my family I gravitate to making images on families and family structures and I've dedicated a good portion of my work to document my own growing family. These images speak louder through their found moments so I've chosen to document them without color and to instead focus on the moments I want to keep in my memories. 

I have used my own family structure as a starting point into documenting other families all over the world. I have studied family structure in Aswan, Cairo, and Alexandria, Egypt, rural parts of Israel and Central America. 




Check out some of the families I've been allowed to enter and document their lives: 

An american family living in suburban Tampa, Florida, USA

A Bedouin family living in Esh'har, Israel

An egyptian family living in Agami, Alexandria, Egypt

A nubian family living in Aswan, Egypt

A nubian family living in Aswan, Egypt

A palestinian family living in Jericho, Palestine/ West Bank

A European family living in Ezuz, Israel

A Nicaraguan family living in Presillas, Rama, Nicaragua

A mexican family living in Newberry, Florida, USA