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So what exactly are you doing Alex?

How are you traveling full time now?
A workaway experience in Giza, Egypt. Taking photos of the hotel before it was open and still covered in dust. 

The age old question. Where are you now? How are you traveling so much? How did you get here? What the fuck were you doing in the Middle East for so long? What do you do exactly? 

As I reach my next couch this seems to be the laundry list of questioning I get from friends and family. So here I am to tell you exactly what I've been doing in life. 

So I'm currently 24 and I am a full time nomadic visual journalist. This is the title I have proclaimed because I don't really know how else to describe it.

Why nomadic? So I was living in Miami, Florida working at a documentary production company doing post editing work as a freelancer for an investigative documentary for a little over a year. I needed that position to first of all gain experience and second of all gain the money I needed to pay off my debt which you can watch/ read the story about how I paid off $18,000 of student loans off here

Since paying off my loans I decided it was time pursue my dream of becoming an international photojournalist so I've been traveling non stop since December 2016 because it's a lot cheaper for me then being based somewhere. 

How do I sustain myself?

While picking up gigs along the way I have worked as production assistant for a commercial, had a couple wedding and engagement gigs, as well as shooting some assignments in Miami (one was a jump roping competition).  I've been exchanging video work, photography and my other skills for room and board through a site called I do couchsurfing and exchange my stays with some light cooking and cleaning or photography work as well. I am currently working for a educational travel company in Costa Rica called Rustic Pathways, all the while extending my stays in the places I am in. 

I was fortunate enough to go on Birthright which allowed me to explore the Middle East. They pay for your flight over there and you are given a Visa for 3 months. So I used that flight to explore Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the West Bank/ Palestine from December to March just crossing borders by land.

Then from April to May I was able to find gigs along the East Coast and took buses to different states. I went from NYC to New Orleans (by plane) for a photojournalism workshop and then made my way up the coast. To Atlanta, then South Carolina (to visit my sister) then North Carolina (where I found a workaway job) then DC (stayed on a friends couch) and ended up in Philly (for a wedding.) Then I flew home to Miami to visit mom only to be notified that I would be flying to Costa Rica to start working the following week. 

I am now working in Costa Rica and will be working here until August. Rustic Pathways paid for my flight to Central America and are paying for my flight back out of Peru. I will be making my way down to Peru and exchanging my skills for places to stay. 

A couchsurfing experience in Cairo, Egypt. 

A couchsurfing experience in Cairo, Egypt. 

A workaway job in Giza, Egypt. I had to sweep dusty floors in an abandoned building that was to be turned into a new hostel. 

A workaway job in Giza, Egypt. I had to sweep dusty floors in an abandoned building that was to be turned into a new hostel. 

My experience during my Birthright Israel trip. I found out my father was from Syrian/Palestinian jews on his mother's side.