About the artist

Alex Mousan is freelance photographer and filmmaker. She travels frequently and is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Her body of works includes stories from her adventures as a visual journalist and commercial photographer. 

She has completed Conflict Photography training, is a certified Wilderness First Responder and certified yoga teacher. She has traveled extensively covering areas like Europe, Central America and the Middle East.

Contact information: 

Email: alexmousan4@gmail.com

Phone: (786) 586 8724

Skills and Network

As a freelancer her abilities span from photography, videography, drone pilot, editor, writer, social media consultations, community outreach and website design. She is skilled in many different factions but focuses her work on visual storytelling mediums.

She has contacts in all of those respective fields so if she cannot fulfill your businesses needs she can redirect you to a trusted colleague and creative who can.  


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\\ St Augustine Record \\ Gainesville Sun \\